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I Phone 12 Mini Review in Apkstutas


I phone 12 mini apkstutas.in

Hi, everyone. and this is the iPhone 12 minithe new sort of super small iPhone 12, which I think will be great for a lot ofpeople looking for a little bit smaller phone. Now this comes in five differentcolors. This year, black, white, green product, red and blue.This is the black variant. Now  also the least expensiveof the newest phones this year at $699. That will get you 64 gigabytes ofstorage for $50 more, seven 49. You get 128 gigabytes of storage. Andthen if you want the top of the line, 256 gigabytes of storage,that will cost $849. Now, if you want this unlocked and youdon't buy this through your carrier, you need to add an additional $30. Thisis something we haven't seen before. They started doing thisyear with the iPhone 12. Now let's go ahead andunbox this and take a look. This is the black 256 gigabyte variant. So let's go ahead and open up theiPhone 12 mini, take the wrapper off And take the top of the box off. And it's definitely many it'sabout the size we expect. And inside the box, again, justlike all the other boxes this year, you've got a USB-C to lightning cableand then a little bit of paperwork with a SIM card removal tool and a tiny Applesticker, and a little bit of, I guess, warranty information or sortof notices for your phone. Now let's go ahead and set thisaside and take a closer look. So here's the iPhone 12 mini let's. Goahead and take the cover off the screen. Green. And this is definitely a small phone.Let's go around the outside edge. And as you can see on the leftside, just like you'd expect, you've got your silentswitch, your volume buttons, and then you have a SIM card tray on thebottom. You have your lightening port, just two holes for a microphone,for holes, for speakers. And then on the right-hand side, you have a 5g millimeter wave antennain the United States and then a power sleep wake button on the top,nothing here. And then of course, we've got a couple cameras in the back. We'll talk more about a little bit laterand then a little bit smaller screen than the other phones. Now this is afairly light phone. It's pretty small. It comes in at 4.7, sixounces or 135 grams. And here it is next to an iPhone S Eso this is the first-generation iPhone se. So a little bit bigger. We'll set that down and thenhere's the iPhone 12 pro. So this gives you an idea ofsize and then also the iPhone 12 pro max. So there's avery big difference in size. There may set them down so you cansee them side by side so you can get the idea of what the sizesare. So next to one another, here are all the differentsizes, as far as thickness. They're about the same on all ofthem, especially the mini and the se. They feel about the same, maybe alittle bit thicker with the Pro Max, but overall that's the overallsizes and what they look like. Now, one thing I didn't is theframe is aluminum, so itfeels a little bit lighter. So it's a mini and light, likeI mentioned the weight already, but it just has a little bit differentbuild similar to that, of the iPhone 12. So let's go ahead and boot it up and takea look at the display in the cameras. There we go. Now inside,we should have the, a 14 bionic with four gigabytes of Ram.I'll confirm that a little bit later. And on the front we have a new displayor a smaller display, I should say. That's 5.4 inches diagonally. It's 2,340 by 10 80, with 476 pixels per inch. It's an old led just like allof the iPhone twelves this year. And it goes nice and bright. It has a normal brightnessof 625 nits and can peak at 1200 nits max brightness when playingHDR footage. Now, before we set it up, we'll take a look at the forward facingcamera and it's the same camera we get with the iPhone 12. So it's a 12 megapixel F2.2 with a 4k 60 recording ability. And then also on the back,we have dual 12 megapixel cameras. We have a wide F 1.6aperture and an ultra wide F 2.4. You can use them both fordark mode and also, or night mode. And also they record in Dolbyvision HDR at 30 frames per second. So impressive cameras, justlike all of the iPhone twelves. You're not really compromising this year.So let's go ahead and flip this over, get it set up and take a look at it. Now you can see the sizedifference is very different. So you've got the pro max onthe left, the mini on the right. It's a huge difference in size.


Now we'll wait for this to set up. It can take a few minutes to activateand then we'll see what it's like to use. Now it's asking about data and privacy.We'll go ahead and hit, continue. We're talking about it. And then we'llhit, continue and set up face ID. There we go. Move our. Head around from up, downand around to set up face ID. Okay. There we go. Should be set up.There we go. We'll hit, continue. And now we have to create a passcode. Now it should have already carriedthat over from the previous phone, but let's go ahead and dothat. Wait for it here. And it's asking me if Iwant to restore a backup. I don't want to transferany data right now. I just want to get this set up quickly. And apparently it didn't pull my dataover from the iPhone 12 pro max for some reason. So I'll just sign in. Now we have to agree to the termsand conditions and we'll wait, just a moment here. Now it'sasking about express settings. We'll go ahead and hit continue. Keepyour phone up to date again and continue. We'll wait for it. We'lltake just a moment here. It's asking if I want to set upApple pay. I'll skip that for now. I can always do that later. Andthen I cloud key chain and yes, I want to use that. And also it'sasking if I want to use Siri, go ahead and hit continue.It's telling me how to use it. And now it's asking if I want to shareaudio recordings. I'll hit not now. It's about screen time.App analytics, light mode, dark mode, like continuedisplay, zoom, and then swipe up. And now we're on the home screen.Now this particular phone. Well, no, I don't want to use my locationhere. Now the phone overall, the display looks okay. It's great.It's got great viewing angles. It does have PWM. That means it will flicker just like anyother OLED to control its brightness. So as you can see here, it's actually flickering and youcan't see this with your eyes, but it is flickering and maybother some people's eyes. However, and using the iPhone12 pro the 12 pro max, I haven't had any issues with it botheringmy eyes. I know it will bother some, but it seems to be at a fast enoughrate where it won't be a problem. Now, other than that, the display looks great. Let's go ahead and take a look atthe wallpaper that are installed. I don't think there's anything different,but let's go to settings wallpaper, choose new wallpaper. Here's some stills and it lookslike we don't have the iOS 14.2 update. So we'll check that in a moment andyou can see these are the pre-installed wallpapers. Let's switch to, I guess, the black one or a darkbluish black one here. And let's see what version wehave installed on this iPhone. 12 mini we'll go to general than about,and you'll see it came with iOS 14.1. So I'll need to update that. And I sawthe 12 pro max come with the same thing. So that's not really a surprise. So I'll go ahead and update this in alittle bit and I'll go ahead and install a couple apps so we can take a look at theRam and more now I've installed speed test and geek bench five.Let's go into geek bench five. Give it just a moment there. Andyou'll see, we have the a 14 with 3.6, three gigabytes of Ramor four gigabytes of Ram. So it does have four gigabytes just aswe expected, but I wanted to verify, let's go into speed test andwe'll see what 5g can do. So we'll turn off wifi hereshould switch over to 5g. Now I did this earlier when I wasdoing the iPhone 12 pro max video. So let's go into speedtest. We'll hit next allow, and let's go ahead and hit go.Now I don't have millimeter wave. So this antenna that's over here, won'treally do a whole lot where I'm located, but you'll see. Well, I hit 80 megabitsper second, 96 megabits per second, which is really impressive.And these use Qualcomm modems, which should help compared to previousyears, at least they do in my tests. And you'll see I'm getting20 megabits per second up. So this is better than I wasgetting earlier in the day. And I've got two bars of signal. Now, one area where I'm notsure this will be great. Is battery life using 5g all thetime. Of course you can turn this off. And as you can see, before we leave speedtests, I got 96.2 megabits per second, down 20.8 megabits per secondup. If we go into the settings, we can go over to our cellular settingsand under the cellular data options we can toggle on or off 5g, leave it on LTE. And that could help with battery. If you don't have 5g coverage oryou're just using a lot of data and you really need to save some battery, butit does do a good job of auto switching. And this seems to be working just fine. Now it does seem to get a little bit warmon the back since it's doing some new things, as far as processing,updating iCloud in the background. And I think it'll be fine though. It'snice and fast and smooth. Of course, we would expect thatbeing that it's brand new. And before we look at the cameras,let's take a look at mag safe. Now this phone has MagSafe in it justlike all of the iPhone twelves this year. So there's the magnet on the back.And I also have a case for it here. So this is the leather case,the saddle Brown leather case. And again, this has MagSafe on itas well. So let me put this down. You'll see the back is also mag safe. And then let's go ahead and put thison. So you'll see that the case is on. As soon as you put the case on it kindof lets you know what color it is and it recognizes it. There we go. You cansee that if that was a red case, it would be red. So that's reallynice that that's on there. Now, if we go ahead and put MagSafeon the back, it holds on nicely. But one thing is man saved does notcharge at 15 Watts on this phone. It's reduced a few by a couple of Watts, but that doesn't really make too muchof a difference as it still will. Fast charge with a wired connection.And it's got a smaller battery, which is a bit of a concern. Hopefullyit will last throughout the day. Of course I'll have to test that. I can't know that for sure rightnow without trying it for a while.

 But as far as usingthis throughout the day, it'll be interesting to see ifit can make it through a day. Now it is a smaller display with lesspixels, so that may help as well. Now let's go into the camera settingsand you'll see, record video up to 4k 60, or you can do HDR video at 4k 30. I'll turn it off since I'll record theend of this video using this camera, just like I did with all the iPhone 12unboxings. So you can see what it's like, see if it's any different,but it should be pretty good. If we go into the camerahere, hit continue. Of course we can snap a photo quickly andyou can see those are the boxes behind there. There's a little bit ofbehind the scenes. Look there. And then also let's gointo video and of course, take a video, go ahead and hit record. Now we're recording from the iPhone 12mini so you can see what it looks like. So hopefully the microphonesounds decent. Of course, I'm talking at the screenand not behind the screen. And then let's go ahead and flipthe camera around again, 4k 30, go ahead and hit record. It's tracking my face and here's thesound right from the front camera of the iPhone, 12 mini. So should be just asgood as any of the others this year. And I would expect really no compromisebetween any of the devices with the forward facing. So that's it forthat camera. And just in general, I really like this size.


I phone 12 mini apkstutas.in

 It maybe too small for a lot of people, but it does have stereo speakersas well. One at the top, one at the bottom and this yearthey all get nice and loud. And then also it hasIP 68 water resistance. So it's water resistant upto six meters for 30 minutes. So it's got all of things you can expectfrom a great phone and this is getting quite warm. Now the site is quitehot to the touch, but again, it's doing a lot of backgroundprocessing and I was using the camera. So I think it's a great phone. I don't know how many people will go forthe mini as opposed to say the 12 or 12 pro I think the 12 and 12 pro isthe right size for most people. The 12 pro max is probablytoo big for most people, but let me know what you thinkin the comments below. Now, I'll be using the phonefor probably a few days, but it's going to take a few days to getto that point since I'll be testing the iPhone 12 pro max first, and then switching to the 12 mini to seewhat it's like as far as battery life and overall usability. Now this video is completely beingrecorded with the microphone and camera on the iPhone, 12 mini.

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